form of verbs
Form of Verbs
Present Form Meaning Past Form Past Participle
awake 起きている awoke awoken
bear くま bore born
bear くま bore borne
abide 遵守 abode abode
arise 生じます arose arisen
be されます was been
draw ドロー drew drawn
do 行う did done
fight 戦い fought fought
eat 食べる ate eaten
drive ドライブ drove driven
drink ドリンク drank drunk
dig 掘る dug dug
beat ビート beat beaten
become なります became become
bid 入札 bid bid
begin ベギン began begun
bind バインド bound bound
find 見つけます found found
fly 飛ぶ flew flown
forget 忘れる forgot forgotten
forgive 許します forgave forgiven
bite 一口 bit bit, bitten
blow ブロー blew blown
come 来ます came come
choose 選択 chose chosen
break ブレーク broke broken
behold 見よ beheld beheld
sit 座ります sat sat
sink シンク sank sunk
sing 歌う sang sung
shine 輝きます shone shone
shake 振ります shook shook
see 見る saw seen
get 取得する got got,gotten
go 行きます went gone
give 与える gave given
grow 育ちます grew grown
run ラン ran run
ring リング rang rung
hide 隠す hid hid,hidden
hang ハング hung hung
hold ホールド held held
know 知っています knew known
lie lay lain
mistake 間違い mistook mistaken
ride ライド rode ridden
slay 殺す slew slain
speak 話す spoke spoken
spin スピン spun spun
stand スタンド stood stood
write 書きます wrote written
win 勝つ won won
wear 着る wore worn
wake 呼び起こします woke woke
steal スチール stole stolen
stick スティック stuck stuck
swear 誓う swore swore
swim 泳ぐ swam swum
take 取る took taken
tear tore torn
sting 刺します stung stung
throw スロー threw thrown
chide 窘めます chid chid
cleave クリーブ clove,cleft cloven,cleft
cling しがみつく clung clung
spring sprang sprung
smite 強打 smote smitten
slide 滑り台 slid slid
tread トレッド trod trodden
swing スイング swang swung
strive 努力 strove striven
string strung strung
shrink シュリンク shrank shrunk
lead led led
grind グラインド ground ground
freeze フリーズ froze frozen
forsake 見捨てる forsook forsaken
fling 投げ飛ばします flung flung
wring 絞ります wrung wrung
wind wound wound
weave 織ります wove woven
bet ベット bet bet
cast キャスト cast cast
cost コスト cost cost
cut カット cut cut
hit ヒット hit hit
hurt 傷つけます hurt hurt
let てみましょう let let
put 置きます put put
rid RID rid rid
set セット set set
shed 小屋 shed shed
split スプリット split split
shut シャット shut shut
thrust 推力 thrust thrust
spread スプレッド spread spread
burst バースト burst burst
abuse 乱用 abused abused
abolish 廃止 abolished abolished
avail 無駄 availed availed
attract 引き付けます attract attract
appoint 任命します appointed appointed
apply 適用します applied applied
approve 認めます approved approved
accept 受け入れます accepted accepted
accompany 添えます accompanied accompanied
acquire 得ます acquire acquired
annoy いらいらさせます annoyed annoyed
alter 変えます altered altered
aim 目的 aimed aimed
add 加えます added added
adapt 適応する adapted adapted
attack 攻撃 attacked attacked
assure 保証 assured assured
ask 頼みます asked asked
ascend 昇ります ascended ascended
agree 一致します agreed agreed
advise アドバイス advised advised
adopt 採用 adopted adopted
bend 曲がり bent bent
believe 信じます believed believed
behave 振る舞います behaved behaved
beg 頼みます begged begged
bleed 出血します bled bled
bring 持って来ます brought brought
charge 電荷 charged charged
cheat 騙します cheated cheated
compare 比較します compared compared
build 築きます built built
burn 燃やす burnt burnt
buy 購入 bought bought
call コール called called
cry 泣く cried cried
deliver 届けます delivered delivered
debar 禁じます debarred debarred
deal 対処 dealt dealt
dare 挑戦 dared dared
catch キャッチ caught caught
cook クック cooked cooked
creep クリープ crept crept
change 変化する changed changed
complain 文句を言います complained complained
compose 作曲 composed composed
convict 犯罪者 convicted convicted
cure 治す cured cured
decide 決めます decided decided
dedicate 捧げます dedicated dedicated
hear 聞く heard heard
hate 嫌い hated hated
have 持ってる had had
hang ハング hanged hanged
demand デマンド demanded demanded
deny 否定します denied denied
depend 依存 depended depended
destroy 破壊する destroyed destroyed
gather ギャザー gathered gathered
gaze 視線 gazed gazed
flee fled fled
feel 感じます felt felt
feed フィード fed fed
determine 定めます determined determined
deviate はずれます deviated deviated
die 死にます died died
dream dreamt dreamt
divide 分割 divided divided
inform 通知します informed informed
inspire 鼓舞する inspired inspired
introduce 紹介します introduced introduced
embellish 飾る embellished embellished
enter 入る entered entered
expressed expressed expressed
maintain 維持します maintained maintained
marry 結婚します married married
make 作ります made made
insist 言い張ります insisted insisted
invade 侵します invaded invaded
invite 招待する invited invited
involve 巻き込みます involved involved
lose 失う lost lost
look 見て looked looked
like 以下のような liked liked
light lighted lighted
lie lied lied
joke 冗談で joked joked
keep キープ kept kept
kill 殺します killed killed
kneel 跪きます knelt knelt
laugh 笑い laughed laughed
lend 貸します lent lent
leave 去ります left left
learn 学びます learnt learnt
lead led led
lay 横たわっていました laid laid
owe 負います owed owed
order 注文 ordered ordered
omit 省きます omitted omitted
occur 発生する occurred occurred
observe 観察する observed observed
open 開いた opened opened
occupy 占める occupied occupied
pray 祈る prayed prayed
punish 罰します punished punished
play 遊びます played played
pay 支払う paid paid
preside 司会します presided presided
prevent 防ぐ prevented prevented
negotiate 交渉します negotiated negotiated
mow 刈る mowed mowed
move 動き moved moved
mix ミックス mixed mixed
mend 繕います mended mended
meet 会います met met
mean 平均 meant meant
manage 管理します managed managed
prepare 作ります prepared prepared
preserve 保存します preserve preserved
pretend 偽ります pretended pretended
proceed 進みます proceeded proceeded
prohibit 禁止します prohibited prohited
reject 拒絶します rejected rejected
rehabilitate リハビリ rehabilitated rehabilitated
refuse ごみ refused refused
refund 返金 refunded refunded
recover 回復します recovered recovered
propose 提案します proposed proposed
prosecute 起訴します prosecuted prosecuted
prove 証明します proved proved
persist 持続 persisted persisted
realize 実現 realized realized
raise 上げます raised raised
receive 受け取ります received received
reach リーチ reached reached
read 読む read read
quarrel けんか quarrelled quarrelled
say いう said said
sew 縫う sewed sewed
seek シーク sought sought
remind 思い出させます reminded reminded
remit 送金 remitted remitted
return リターン returned returned
respond 応じます responded responded
rob 奪います robbed robbed
repair 修復 repaired repaired
reply 応答 replied replied
rescue レスキュー rescued rescued
swell うねり swelled swelled
sell 売る sold sold
sweep スイープ swept swept
send 送ります sent sent
shoot シュート shot shot
spoil 台無し spoiled spoiled
sleep 睡眠 slept slept
show ショー showed showed
sow 雌豚 sowed sowed
stay 滞在 stayed stayed
spend 費やす spent spent
work 作業 worked worked
wish 希望 wished wished
wait 待つ waited waited
warn 警告します warned warned
smile スマイル smiled smiled
smell 香り smelt smelt
teach 教える taught taught
want 欲しいです wanted wanted
walk 歩く walked walked
visit 訪問 visited visited
vanish 消えます vanished vanished
tell 伝えます told told
think 考えます thought thought
travel 旅行 travelled travelled
tremble 震える trembled trembled
utter 全くの uttered uttered
unite 合わせます united united
twinkle きらきら twinkled twinkled
treat 扱います treated treated
bend 曲がり bent bent
breed 繁殖 bred bred
clothe 衣服を着せます clothed clothed
gird gird girded,girt girded,girt
hew 切り刻みます hewed hewed
lean リーン leant leant
load 負荷 loaded loaded
melt メルト melted melted
rend 割り切ります rent rent
spell スペル spelled,spelt spelled,spelt
knock ノック knocked knocked
repeat 繰り返す repeated repeated
pick ピック picked picked
join 加わります joined joined
clean クリーン cleaned cleaned
match 一致 matched matched
offer 提供 offered offered
plunge 飛び込み plunged plunged
watch 時計 watched watched
slip スリップ slipped slipped
chatter おしゃべり chattered chattered
shock ショック shocked shocked
shook shooked shooked
affect 影響を及ぼす affected affected
last 最終 lasted lasted
plan 計画 planned planned
expose 晒します exposed exposed
tip 先端 tipped tipped
need 必要 needed needed
suit スーツ suited suited
fold 折ります folded folded
decorate 飾る decorated decorated
disappear 姿を消す disappeared disappeared
plough プラウ ploughed ploughed
ban 禁止 banned banned
protect 守ります protected protected
reproduce 再生します reproduced reproduced
contain 含む contained contained
stretch ストレッチ stretched stretched
notice 通知 noticed noticed
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