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Sura :
- ふくらはぎ

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Noun(1) one of the sections (or chapters(2) the muscular back part of the shank

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(1) One of my classmates is going to teach me a sura from the Quran for no other reason except that I'm curious, and he's really into discussing Islam.(2) Certain verses are credited with curative powers: for example, the first sura or chapter, known as the Opening, is good for scorpion bites; the last two are good for various illnesses.(3) Of course, the sura says that this Night Journey to Paradise begins at the ‘further mosque,’ and the understanding of the sages is that the ‘further mosque’ is here.(4) This is obviously relevant to the cultural context of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, in whose interior verses 34 to 37 of sura 19 had appeared almost five centuries earlier.(5) It is said that when Ja'far came to the end of the sura that the Negus and his entire court were in tears.(6) When a Talib leader tried to give her orders, she countered with the appropriate sura .(7) My father taught me his favorite sura from the Koran, where God is described as a ‘Light within Light, emanating from a source found neither in the East nor in the West.’(8) The opening poem, ‘Al Fatihah’, is the same name given to the opening sura or chapter of the Koran.(9) Apologists will quote this sura rather than that to prove their point.(10) The longest surahs of the Holy Qur'an one remembers by heart should be recited in the Salah of this night.(11) I stayed with God's Messenger until I learned many surahs of the Qur'an before returning home.(12) At this point, the surah addresses the Prophet, who must have had an uneasy feeling towards his people.(13) The first section of the surah ended on verse 121.(14) The suras are the written form, in Arabic, of the oral revelations ‘sent down’ to Mohammed.(15) The great spiritual scholars of the past did a lot to treat the patients with Ayats and surahs of the Quran.(16) Some suras even start with what in Arabic is nonsense.
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