English to Japanese Meaning :: insipid

まずい, 出涸らし, 乾燥, 陳腐, おもしろみのない, 味気ない, 味気無い
Insipid :
- 味気ありませんinsipidlyinsipidness

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Adjective(1) lacking taste or flavor or tang(2) lacking interest or significance or impact

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(1) It is important to force through nearly all of the pulp, otherwise you will lose a lot of the flavour and be left with a bowl of insipid liquid.(2) Say goodbye to eating dull, monotonous and insipid food day after day.(3) There were indeed big chunks of chocolate, but the ice-cream itself was insipid and flavourless.(4) Before they are thoroughly matured, moreover, they are apt to be insipid in flavour, and to cause dyspepsia and other forms of intestinal disturbance.(5) Hearty food will make lighter wine taste insipid .(6) Don't even think about cocoa powders or the thin, insipid apology for chocolate drinks you get from machines.(7) People no longer like plain insipid soups, preferring instead spicy offerings with an unusual combination of ingredients.(8) Hot colours tend to advance visually and dominate, making less strong colours appear dull and insipid .(9) There are ÔÇÿfast foodÔÇÖ cafeterias all over town that take advantage of this hurry and serve up what can only be described as insipid food.(10) Sadly, the larger volume of water dilutes the taste of the flavouring ingredients, thus rendering the flavour of the noodles rather watery and insipid .(11) Here's the gist: insipid music, a boring story and lots of people arriving in carriages.(12) Lily is very shallow and insipid ; William has to buy her all of her necessities.(13) Henry's charm begins to work on Carol, who's bored by her dull life and insipid husband.(14) The pictures are good but the text is mostly insipid .(15) Even today, in this age of designer bars and huge superpubs, the pint of lager is generally an insipid , watery travesty.(16) So many South African wines, particularly the big brands, are insipid , bland offerings, despite this great diversity.
Related Words
1. tasteless ::
2. unimaginative ::
4. jejune ::
Different Forms
insipid, insipidly, insipidness
English to Japanese Dictionary: insipid

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