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:: If you look at a map of the west coast of Norway the first thing youll notice is the thousands of inlets fjords and islands:: A grove of giant redwoods or sequoias should be kept just as we keep a great and beautiful cathedral:: Apparently three of the Struben brothers workers were among those who struck gold in the main reef :: I think its important that we recognize the existence of this problematic penumbral group but that doesnt mean that there arent people who do take responsibility:: Seawalls groins and other manmade structures including beach nourishment projects can potentially reduce shortterm immediate erosion risk:: You must pick your time well as she is often swept by strong tidal currents:: As they go farther into the water the tide pushes them downstream:: In the 150 years human being have drilled for and refined petroleum its estimated weve used about 1 trillion barrels:: Engineers tonight are also checking for damage to the areas oil refineries :: It is expected that another publication will be coming from the pen of the author in the next few months:: We then turned the car towards the retail heaven that is IKEA:: They also found remnant ingots from the 195152 salvage operation:: On fields with wide variability in growth and maturity it may be advantageous to harvest it in sections adjusting the combine to match the crop conditions in each section:: Morecambe Bay is notoriously dangerous with fast rising tides and quicksands :: The rainy season is over with its dull monotonous grey skies and unpleasant humid rain:: But the battle against terrorism in Africa is an uphill one:: If we want a different eye colour we get coloured contact lenses:: Weather conditions that are associated with high rates of migration in the fall are the passage of cold fronts and tailwinds :: The distribution of plants in freshwater marshes is driven by competition inundation and drawdown:: The radial consists of a 576 square metre sail area compared to the regular rig of 706:: Ive even seen her helping to butcher cattle much to the surprise of the soldiers:: Teresa had made herself a bright yellow dress that reminded Scott of the buttercups and daffodils back east:: People who know me will know the general drift of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings on disasters whether they be personal natural or manmade:: beaches covered in driftwood logs:: Friction causes inflammation so you know the drill rest ice and lower your seat a notch:: At a distance of one lightweek our solar system is lost in the Suns glare even farther out is a collection of cometary objects called the Oort Cloud depicted as a sphere one light year across:: In some regions trees have invaded tundra extending the altitudinal or latitudinal limit of tree growth:: Investigators have suggested that these fossils represent new growth from cycads deciduous trees ginkgos and most commonly conifer trees:: The three worked closely together to ensure that the new landscape would harmonize with a surrounding woodland of aspens Douglas firs ponderosa pines and river birches:: Investigators have suggested that these fossils represent new growth from cycads deciduous trees ginkgos and most commonly conifer trees
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