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:: Its design incorporates ideas from cyberpunk and film noir its plot embraces our fears about genetic manipulation and manmachine conflict:: The contents of the canisters were liquid chemicals that were highly dangerous:: Since then youth involvement with rap has rapidly increased throughout the country:: When music is recognizable as in a melody with a traditional harmonic accompaniment we experience reassurance:: Items on a table included an air chart of the US and a flight instruction manual:: Having no quarrel with the medial view of motion Sadra sets out to prove the objective existence of motion as passage :: Once at their table Agee describes the colors and the tastes textures and odors of the food claiming that these things represent the physical embodiment of home:: :: This leaves the orchestra without a conductor and a musical cacophony verging on dissonance:: Soloists organists and all musicians are reminded that their primary role is one of service to the liturgy:: an expert in origami:: The original path was a series of stepping stones laid in the lawn which I was able to reuse:: Sometimes you have to feel sorry for actors who play particularly evil roles and are typecast as villains and often spat on in their real lives:: Our typesetters work on Macintosh systems and use QuarkXPress:: They are great as a unit so although the gaffer wont be there he will be if you know what I mean:: Eventually he started introducing me to slashers :: Taylor likes to tell the story about how he once invited newspapers to join him on the Net:: We decided the best way to do it would be to use a car as a dolly :: I said something about mind games and he disowned any likeness to another guy that had made me think he was interested in me when he was just looking for a makeout buddy:: The commentary on verse 1 of Romans just cited from folio 8 of the Soane manuscript reappears with minor changes in the printed edition of 1542:: His music includes songs and tunes from a wide range of music traditions including folk blues reggae cajun and klezmer:: pottery with a lovely blue and white design:: I dont think they want a major confrontation when they are desperate to enter the mainstream of politics:: :: Human organs in specimen jars could be replaced by threedimensional holograms using a new kind of imaging technology being developed in the United Kingdom:: Red 6 pushes his dismounts forward while the Bradleys maneuver to provide cover :: Finally finishing her speech she uttered a few last words:: Performance poetry represents the merger of certain poetic techniques with forms of drama and live entertainment especially standup comedy and improvisatory theater:: Red 6 pushes his dismounts forward while the Bradleys maneuver to provide cover :: Red 6 pushes his dismounts forward while the Bradleys maneuver to provide cover
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