English to Japanese Meaning :: falsify

偽る, 誤魔化す, 矯める, 似せる, 変造する
Falsify :
- 偽ります偽造改竄

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Verb(1) make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story(2) tamper, with the purpose of deception(3) prove false(4) falsify knowingly(5) insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby

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(1) The central bank said it would punish banks which helped businesses to falsify documents regarding their overseas remissions.(2) The women had their passports taken from them and made to sign a blank piece of paper, later used to falsify work-related documents.(3) These sorts of assertions are good because they are hard to falsify .(4) Therefore the Earth's eigenvibrations falsify the Inside-Out theory, but can be easily understood in terms of the Earth's spherical shape, volume and density.(5) Once again Dembski demonstrates that the Design Inference is one based on elimination and our ignorance by arguing that to falsify ID's hypothesis it has to show how it evolved step by step.(6) Thousands of unwitting South African women may be married illegally to foreigners who have paid corrupt officials to falsify marriage certificates.(7) Lynn Geldof told reporters the detection of child trafficking was complicated by the fact that many traffickers are women who falsify documents so as to pose as the children's mothers.(8) No interest is served when it's easy to duplicate or falsify an identity document.(9) Our rejection of the alternative hypothesis of a habitat effect is based on failure to falsify the null hypothesis that winter survival among immigrants was unrelated to survival among parents.(10) Few physicists say they are looking for ways to falsify superstring theory.(11) If history is our guide, we would expect future research to support some ideas and falsify others.(12) This is because any ÔÇÿfalse tradingÔÇÖ would falsify expectations and therefore change agents evaluations of their assets.(13) Some researchers today do not agree that dinosaurs gave rise to birds, and are working to falsify this theory, but so far the evidence for the theory has swamped their efforts.(14) His explanation that X is not powerful evidence is interpreted as an attempt to falsify the theory.(15) The failure to find differences in those zones would falsify the hypothesis that mountain lions partitioned space to obtain exclusive use of prey.(16) Karl Popper long ago argued that empirical observations can never truly confirm a theory, they can only falsify or fail to falsify it.
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(1) falsify ::
1. forge ::
2. disprove ::
3. distort ::
4. fake ::
5. interpolate ::
1. confirm ::
2. establish ::
3. prove ::
4. validate ::
5. verify ::
Different Forms
falsifies, falsify, falsifying
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