English to Japanese Meaning :: atrophy

萎縮, 委縮
Atrophy :
- 萎縮萎縮萎縮

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Noun(1) a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse(2) any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use
Verb(1) undergo atrophy

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(1) During the immobilization of a fracture, all nonimmobilized parts must be moved to avoid stiffness, muscle atrophy and joint contractures.(2) The main goal is for him to regain strength in his shoulder, back and upper arm because the muscles could atrophy from non-use.(3) As the body ages, muscles begin to atrophy , slowly being replaced by fat.(4) It usually presents with pain and muscle weakness with atrophy in the shoulder girdle.(5) the imagination can atrophy from lack of use(6) The pelvic examination should include an evaluation for inflammation, infection and atrophy .(7) Physical therapy is directed at preventing atrophy and contractures, and is particularly necessary in patients with calcinosis and muscle involvement.(8) It has been theorized that changes in everyday experiences and activity patterns may result in disuse and consequent atrophy of cognitive processes and skills.(9) The obvious concern with a decline in reading is that such a trend causes critical thinking skills and one's imagination to atrophy .(10) extensive TV viewing may lead to atrophy of children's imaginations(11) gastric atrophy(12) In addition, your muscles might atrophy and you could have trouble walking.(13) As the long-term unemployed lose touch with the labour market, their self-esteem falls and their job skills atrophy .(14) One consequence of this development is that their imaginations are beginning to atrophy : play is all about the destination, rather than the journey.(15) Polio, a disease that attacks the nervous system, usually infects young children resulting in paralysis and muscular atrophy .(16) Mucosal atrophy may result when dietary sources of fatty acids are lacking or when the fecal stream is diverted by an ileostomy or colostomy.
1. wasting ::
3. withering ::
6. decay ::
7. decline ::
8. deterioration ::
9. degeneration ::
13. waste away ::
14. become emaciated ::
15. wither ::
17. shrink ::
18. decay ::
19. decline ::
20. deteriorate ::
21. degenerate ::
22. weaken ::
Different Forms
atrophies, atrophy, atrophying
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