English to Japanese Meaning :: oppose

逆らう, 反する, 刃向かう, 歯向かう, 楯つく, 阻む, 立ち向かう, 異なる, 撃退, 反対する, 反発する
Oppose :
- 反対します反対反対します対立します

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Verb(1) be against; express opposition to(2) fight against or resist strongly(3) contrast with equal weight or force(4) set into opposition or rivalry(5) act against or in opposition to(6) be resistant to

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(1) those of you who oppose capital punishment(2) I am deeply concerned about the propaganda and false arguments from those who oppose nuclear power.(3) a candidate to oppose the leader in the presidential contest(4) I made it known that I was a candidate and nobody thought it worthwhile to oppose me.(5) If you oppose ID cards you now also oppose measures to prevent electoral fraud.(6) We should oppose these attempts to force through a premature consensus.(7) They came to oppose attempts by the London fire authority to remove one of the station's two engines.(8) You could see that in the faces of the people there last night and they would obviously oppose any attempt to remove him.(9) Our national interest is such that we would oppose any attempt to weaken the jurisdiction of coastal states.(10) Perhaps the opponents can offer a logical argument instead of simply opposing it on the grounds of change.(11) Mamabolo opposed the defence argument that there were exceptional circumstances that needed to be considered when judgment was made.(12) James Madison in 1784 opposed an attempt by the Virginia legislature to levy a tax to support religious education.(13) I opposed the argument in the public forum and afterwards we went into the Green Room and we continued to chat.(14) Arguments opposing treatment centred on the supremacy of autonomy as an ethical principle.(15) And they do so while saddled with parties and trade unions that have abandoned all pretence of opposing the profit system.(16) By 1969 American society was going through a break and people began opposing the system and the immoral war.
Related Words
(1) oppose to ::
1. be against ::
2. fight ::
3. controvert ::
4. react ::
5. counterbalance ::
6. pit ::
Different Forms
oppose, opposed, opposes, opposing
English to Japanese Dictionary: oppose

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What oppose means in Japanese, oppose meaning in Japanese, oppose definition, examples and pronunciation of oppose in Japanese language.

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