English to Japanese Meaning :: indisputable

争われない, 見かけ上, 明白な
Indisputable :
- 明白な

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Adjective(1) not open to question; obviously true(2) impossible to doubt or dispute, or sure

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(1) If they become financed from the same budget as police officers, then a clear and indisputable trade-off will exist.(2) The certainty of mathematics would lead to correct and indisputable conclusions about society and about man.(3) Almost all Americans believe there are certain indisputable facts about the case.(4) It is indeed an indisputable fact that many small and medium-sized companies have done very well in the export trade.(5) What he is saying is that they chose to ally themselves with anti-democratic forces - a fact which is indisputable .(6) Loss of high paying jobs across the US is now an indisputable fact, with many workers facing a bleak future.(7) Sadly, political fluff and rhetoric again ignores clear indisputable facts.(8) The indisputable truth is that in the first instance the statement was delivered in Vieux Fort, not Gros Islet.(9) Smokers need to understand that the air they breathe is shared by non-smokers - that's an indisputable fact.(10) It is a commandment we obey or a proposition we seek to uphold, not an indisputable natural fact like gravity.(11) No, stupid as it may be, it was the fact that here was indisputable proof that he would soon learn to hate me.(12) Now and again an indisputable fact can be spotted in what the same Labour MP calls ÔÇÿthe media swirlsÔÇÖ.(13) What is indisputable is that they were colossally influential, spawning generations of writers desperate to mimic them.(14) It is an indisputable fact that demand for healthcare will always outstrip supply.(15) Those indisputable findings do not prove God, but they are examples of his handiwork.(16) One legal expert last night said in future it may be impossible for a prosecution to succeed unless the evidence is indisputable .
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1. incontrovertible ::
2. incontestable ::
3. sure ::
1. arguable ::
2. debatable ::
3. moot ::
4. negotiable ::
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