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Viviparous :
- 胎生

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Adjective(1) producing living young (not eggs

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(1) Females are viviparous and give birth to a single litter of up to five offspring.(2) Two new viviparous mutants showed some signs of precocious germination but did not emerge fully on the cob.(3) The viviparous quadrupeds - literally means four-footed mammals bearing living offspring.(4) Evidence of a carotenoid mutant of rice was suggested by the phenotype of several mutants for which viviparous seeds germinated into albino seedlings.(5) Depending on environmental conditions, it can shift from viviparous to oviparous reproduction, with production of encysted and dehydrated embryos.(6) If only these creatures had been able to develop a viviparous capability, so that they could give birth to their babies at sea, they would have an assured future.(7) These may be viviparous , in which case the mother's body provides nourishment to the embryo, or ovoviviparous, in which case the eggs develop without additional nourishment inside the mother.(8) Tiger Sharks reproduce viviparously , which means that like mammals, the give birth to live young that have been nourished by a placenta.(9) Oviparity with free-swimming larvae is the most common, but direct terrestrial development and viviparity (with attendant internal fertilization) are known in toads as well.(10) Direct development and viviparity have evolved in all three groups of Lissamphibia: frogs, salamanders and caecilians.(11) The evolution of viviparity , which frees the mother from having to deposit eggs on land, and the tailfirst birth of the young imply that Carsosaurus was well on its way to a more fully aquatic lifestyle.(12) During the summer months, pea aphids reproduce parthenogenetically and viviparously .(13) Whether females will reproduce oviparously or viviparously can be determined by the colour of the eggs in the uterus.(14) Some have direct development of terrestrial eggs, and even ovovivipary and true viviparity are known in caudates.(15) The capacity for uptake by the fetal membranes may well be a primitive sauropsid feature that long predates the evolution of viviparity .(16) After mating, the female viviparously produce microfilariae which move throughout the circulatory system and are taken up by the mosquito host.
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1. live-bearing ::
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