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応答, 返信, 回答, 返答, 返事, 答え, 答弁, 答申, 応酬, 解答, 回報答える, リプライ, 言い返す, 返事する
Reply :
- 応答

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(1) I just got a reply from the Director of the cinema, enclosing a copy of a press release.(2) Grant Morrison doesn't reply to e-mails, but this looks a go.(3) ‘Get big or get out’ is a communication and hardly expectant of a reply .(4) Often thoughtful, frequently lengthy, and always considered, the postings beg one to ponder options for a reply .(5) we scored the first goal and they hit a late reply(6) When the selfsame people asked me in the evenings if I was going home, I had no reply for them: it took me years to reconcile myself to the idea of calling the attic I was living in a home.(7) I received a reply from the managing director(8) ‘I reply to all submissions myself, and try to offer constructive criticism,’ he explains.(9) Weeks after the film had been submitted, I still couldn't get a reply from the compilation people regarding her contact info.(10) Or maybe it's a pre-emptive brush-off, the formal equivalent of Kurt Vonnegut's reply when asked where he got his characters from: ‘Cincinnati,’ he said.(11) In reply to a question, George said that it was his personal view that land owned by the churches should not be exempted from a land-value tax.(12) “No,” was the curt reply(13) Without bothering the owner of the account, it would reply to any such message and tell the sender how much ‘postage’ he owed.(14) Instead the reply was, ‘I know very little about this term and thus have no policy.’(15) I am writing in reply to your letter of June 1(16) I received a reply from the firm's managing director
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English to Japanese Dictionary: reply

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