English to Japanese Meaning :: opposite

向かい, 反, 向い, 向かい側の, 逆の, 裏腹の, あべこべの反対に, の向かいに
Opposite :
- 逆の向かい合って反対

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Noun(1) a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other(2) a relation of direct opposition(3) a contestant that you are matched against(4) something inverted in sequence or character or effect
Adjective(1) being directly across from each other; facing(2) of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem(3) moving or facing away from each other(4) the other one of a complementary pair(5) altogether different in nature or quality or significance(6) characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed, or opposite
Adverb(1) directly facing each other

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(1) On the fretless guitar this means that I can glissando in opposite directions on different strings.(2) Two congressmen on opposite sides of the debate will join me.(3) Spirit touched down on January 4 and its twin, Opportunity, landed on the opposite side of Mars on January 25.(4) He was awake, and leaning over the side of his bed, opposite the side I was sitting on.(5) It's really fascinating to watch these trains move in opposite directions at very high speed.(6) Playing opposite her in the role of Gianetta was Rhiannon, who joined the club three and a half years ago, after a friend recommended it.(7) But this was soon tempered as I walked through the tunnel leading from the entrance of the mountain to its opposite side.(8) As they grow up amid the emerging wave of nationalist fervor, their friendship becomes strained as they find themselves on opposite sides.(9) When Paul Cook was in hospital he was sitting opposite a biker who had been involved in an accident.(10) She turned away, got back in the van and they all drove away, I assume in opposite directions.(11) They are of course quite unrelated, but it's interesting to note such similarities in species on opposite sides of the planet.(12) He ended up being in exactly the same position as the man opposite him.(13) This is good because it means trains heading in opposite directions won't in future have to wait for one another.(14) It gives a detailed insight into the troubled times in the early part of the 1920s when members of some families took opposite sides in the Civil War.(15) Leaves are opposite and leaf blades are ovate with many teeth.(16) Tape the left side collar piece over the reversed pattern, positioning it opposite the previous collar half.
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Different Forms
opposite, oppositely, opposites
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