English to Japanese Meaning :: microphone

Microphone :
- マイクロフォンマイク

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Noun(1) device for converting sound waves into electrical energy

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(1) I always wished I had a microphone to record all the wise things he said about music.(2) Upon receiving them from him, she would plug in her tape recorder, clip on her microphone and go to it.(3) Carolyn clicked and then spoke into the microphone and headphone she suddenly found by the computer.(4) If you want to record a hit record, you need a computer, a decent microphone and a software mixer.(5) wireless microphone(6) A reporter stood behind him pointing a microphone connected to a minidisc recorder at us.(7) They heard a loud feedback from a microphone and turned around to see where it was coming from.(8) With a microphone under my nose and the mini-disc rolling, I didn't feel quite so smart.(9) Just climb in, don the headphones, grab the microphone , select a song and you're off!(10) Acoustic guitars may be amplified by placing a contact microphone inside the body.(11) We can put a microphone in front of a drum kit and press record, you know what I mean.(12) Every little sound echoed causing somewhat of a microphonic effect.(13) These can pick up car number plates from 200 yards away and record voices via microphones on the outside of the van.(14) The low frequency tone emitted in flight is plainly audible to the ear and microphonic filtering yielded the wing beat frequency, as Sotavalta reliably showed for many insect species.(15) However, you can also use the external speakers and microphones supplied with most modern personal computers.(16) Should drum beating or use of microphones and loudspeakers that disturbs the peace of neighbourhood be permitted?
Related Words
(1) built-in microphone ::
1. mike ::
Different Forms
microphone, microphones
English to Japanese Dictionary: microphone

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