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Meiosis :
- 減数分裂

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Noun(1) (genetics, leading to gametes in animals and spores in plants(2) understatement for rhetorical effect (especially when expressing an affirmative by negating its contrary

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(1) My personal hope is that students will have some intuitive understanding of meiosis as the physical basis of genetics.(2) This is evidence that the genes are evolving in a concerted manner, as might be predicted for genes that mispair very frequently in meiosis .(3) the sporophytes of green algae form spores only by meiosis(4) Models for genetic recombination have been proposed to explain the properties of genetic exchange during fungal meiosis .(5) Following selection, haploids produce gametes mitotically and diploids produce gametes meiotically that then enter the random mating pool.(6) They were able to work with 12 meioses (a three-generational family with four grandparents, two parents, and four children) and seven marker loci.(7) Germ cells can divide mitotically to replenish germline tissue or meiotically to produce gametes.(8) Triploids are often phenotypically normal plants but are meiotically unstable and therefore transient.(9) Crosses that generated three or four meiotically related seeds were selected for analysis.(10) The absence of chiasmata can readily account for the observed defect in meiotic chromosome segregation.(11) Subsequently, one of the two mating-type alleles was lost during mitotic or meiotic divisions.(12) Males can, therefore, arise spontaneously, as a result of the rare meiotic loss of an X chromosome.(13) Meiosis , often achieved through a trope of one word, may range from bitter scorn to light derision.(14) Several models have been proposed to explain the mechanism responsible for meiotic recombination.(15) In most meioses , every chromosome pair, no matter how small, sustains at least one crossover - a so-called obligate crossover or obligate chiasma.(16) During the first meiotic division, homologous chromosomes pair and segregate into two cells.
1. reduction division ::
2. miosis ::
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