English to Japanese Meaning :: imperial

インペリアル, 帝国, 天, 上
Imperial :
- インペリアル帝国主義者imperially帝国

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Noun(1) a small tufted beard worn by Emperor Napoleon III(2) a piece of luggage carried on top of a coach
Adjective(1) relating to or associated with an empire(2) of or belonging to the British Imperial System of weights and measures(3) befitting or belonging to an emperor or empress(4) belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler

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(1) In this 21st century society, with its diverse male and female lifestyles, the imperial family can no longer function as a model, let alone a symbol of national unity.(2) You have access to the imperial palace and the Emperor's chambers.(3) Rome was already competing with Constantinople as imperial capital of the Christian world.(4) Whether traders in this country choose to sell in imperial or metric units should be a matter between them and their customers.(5) Many weight standards appear to have been used well into Medieval times, but the new find suggests an imperial ounce was adopted in the English world, away from the Viking Danelaw of eastern England.(6) In the imperial system, 36 inches are 1 yard and 1760 yards are 1 mile.(7) The warning came after undercover officers bought a bunch of grapes from him in imperial weight.(8) Today, if you are a grocer, you will lose your shirt simply for weighing produce in the old imperial system.(9) The metric system and the imperial system symbolize beautifully the conflict between the European and the Anglo-Saxon method of thought.(10) I do not call it imperial because Australia and New Zealand were then dominions.(11) There are also many records of emperors who were addicted to playing cuju being criticized by officials and other members of the imperial family.(12) By 1900 it had slipped to fourth place, overtaken by its imperial and European rivals, Britain and Germany.(13) Stone is an arcane imperial measurement that has somehow weathered the tests of time in Ireland and the UK, especially in regard to the weight of people.(14) ÔÇÿIt is my sincere dream, and a great honor, to host the imperial couple, the Emperor and the Empress, in Poland,ÔÇÖ he said.(15) The five volumes consisted of an octavo of 786 pages of descriptive matter and four imperial folios containing 213 plates.(16) How much honey, in imperial pounds, will we get?
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Different Forms
imperial, imperialist, imperialists, imperially, imperials
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