English to Japanese Meaning :: fallacy

誤信, 迷妄, 謬論, 謬見, 妄説, 謬説, 迷夢
Fallacy :
- 誤信誤謬

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Noun(1) a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning

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(1) All is based upon the fallacy of global warming being caused by manmade green house gases.(2) This latest attempt to discredit Rice and Bush is based on the fallacy that because the administration was pushing hard for missile defense it must not have been taking terrorism seriously enough.(3) But this is based on a fallacy - that the Tories support free markets across the board.(4) Wishful thinking is a fallacy that posits a belief because it or its consequence is desired to be true.(5) As a production-oriented ideology, communism was based upon the fallacy of production itself being the ultimate purpose of economic activity.(6) the potential for fallacy which lies behind the notion of self-esteem(7) Your argument is still emotional, and still rooted purely in logical fallacy .(8) I was under the impression that this was a forum where political issues could be discussed rationally: if you want me to be pedantic and point out every logical fallacy in every reply I've received then I'll do that.(9) Predictably, the appeal to personal experience is another well-known logical fallacy .(10) It helps readers to be able to easily counter the common fallacy that belief in evolution has something to do with real, practical science that works.(11) I am sick and tired of hearing its members' boasts, which are based on a fundamental fallacy that they believe in one law for all.(12) This is based on a logical fallacy , which is that the population of those who would own guns if they were rare is a representative sample of the population who would own guns if they were plentiful.(13) This fallacy is based on the misconception that the Holy Prophet was ordered to be obeyed in his capacity of a ruler, and not in the capacity of a prophet or messenger.(14) So the knowledge argument is invalid because it involves a fallacy of equivocation: ÔÇÿknowÔÇÖ means something different in the two premises.(15) It's the old post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this, therefore because of this) logical fallacy .(16) It sounds like a classic example of the post hoc, ergo propter hoc logical fallacy .
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12. myth ::
1. truth ::
2. verity ::
Different Forms
fallacies, fallacy
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