English to Japanese Meaning :: effrontery

不遜, 傲倨, 猪口才, 厚かましさ
Effrontery :
- 厚かましさ

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Noun(1) audacious (even arrogant

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(1) He'd come over to confront Stan and Tiny and to tell them exactly what he thought of their effrontery , but held back the accusation for want of proof.(2) With breathtaking effrontery , Cameron finally segues seamlessly into a little sci-fi fantasy showing his scientists discovering an alien city on another planet complete with bug-eyed aliens.(3) But the police and a jingoistic public ensure that such effrontery is suitably decried and the witnesses end up regretting having spoken the truth.(4) What worries me is the sheer effrontery , the level of twistedness implicit in what he is doing.(5) He then committed several acts of brazen effrontery .(6) Proposing the motion, he said ÔÇÿSuch a practice is a petty and heartless effrontery to the most vulnerable and deserving section of our society.ÔÇÖ(7) one juror had the effrontery to challenge the coroner's decision(8) I know he doesn't hear that one much because he managed to communicate stunned, silent disapproval at my effrontery over the telephone.(9) On the whole, however, he carries the reader with him by sheer effrontery .(10) As for this ÔÇÿcross party reform groupÔÇÖ, I can think of nothing less democratic or more dangerous; and what effrontery to ask us to support them.(11) Various VIPs were attracted by their effrontery .(12) Then, at a time like this our councillors have the mindless effrontery to propose a 16 per cent tax increase.(13) Even the French, accustomed to such effrontery from their leaders, especially their current one, could only gasp in disbelief, or at least shrug their shoulders in resignation.(14) The music was what counted but the cockiness, the combination of arrogance and provocation, the sheer effrontery was thrilling to witness.(15) A lot of it's just effrontery , sheer brazen nerve, and a sort of monstrous cockiness.(16) He said: ÔÇÿThe sheer effrontery of Kennet in failing to consult even the local members beggars belief.ÔÇÖ
1. impudence ::
2. impertinence ::
3. cheek ::
4. insolence ::
6. audacity ::
7. temerity ::
8. presumption ::
9. nerve ::
10. gall ::
13. disrespect ::
14. bad manners ::
15. brass ::
16. face ::
17. chutzpah ::
18. sauce ::
19. sass ::
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