English to Japanese Meaning :: dilate

広げる, 広がる
Dilate :
- 広げます拡張拡張させます血管拡張

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Verb(1) become wider(2) add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing

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(1) Laughter appears to cause the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, the endothelium, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow.(2) Before the operation, eye drops are given to dilate the pupil.(3) It causes the nerves at the back of the throat to signal the blood vessels to dilate - and fast.(4) The allergen causes the release of chemicals within the body which act to make the small arterial blood vessels dilate and to leak fluid from the capillaries into the surrounding tissues.(5) It is designed to fit inside the nostril and dilate the nasal valves by means of its elasticity and thus decrease nasal resistance and improve air flow.(6) The surgeon uses the urethral dilators and lubricating jelly to dilate the urethra to accommodate the desired sheath size.(7) These drugs can slow the force of contraction of the heart and dilate the coronary arteries, thus reducing the demand for oxygen and increasing supply to the heart.(8) Your eye doctor usually uses special eyedrops to dilate your pupils, opening them wider so he or she can see the back part of your eye.(9) the faithful could hear the minister dilate on the role religion could play(10) The doctors were using the drug to dilate the blood vessels supplying the babies' lungs, in the hope of reducing pulmonary hypertension.(11) This causes muscles to relax and allows bronchial tubes to dilate , aiding the flow of air to the lungs.(12) When the small bowel dilates greater than 3 cm it is abnormal.(13) Any remaining vein narrowing can be opened further with dilatable balloons and stents.(14) It dilates the blood vessels and allows more blood flow and oxygen to reach the baby's lungs.(15) He's also dilated on Times Square in a number of brimming, semi-abstracted compositions featuring gaseous streetlamps, geometric signage and emphatic, top-to-bottom cuts of l' heure bleue sky.(16) These are strips of collagenous seaweed placed in a closed cervix, where they absorb moisture and swell, dilating the cervix and hastening the onset of labor.
1. enlarge ::
2. expatiate ::
3. distend ::
Different Forms
dilate, dilated, dilates, dilating
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