English to Japanese Meaning :: beard

髭, 鬚, あごひげ, のぎ
Beard :
- 髭あごひげを生やしましたbeardingひげのありませんひげ

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Noun(1) the hair growing on the lower part of a man's face(2) a tuft or growth of hairs or bristles on certain plants such as iris or grasses(3) a person who diverts suspicion from someone (especially a woman who accompanies a male homosexual in order to conceal his homosexuality(4) hairy growth on or near the face of certain mammals(5) tuft of strong filaments by which e.g. a mussel makes itself fast to a fixed surface
Verb(1) go along the rim, like a beard around the chin

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(1) He had even taken the time to dye his beard and hair black.(2) he was afraid to beard the sultan himself(3) The Ameraucana has a tail, muffs, and a beard around its face.(4) His long, tangled hair joined with his beard , his long black leather coat was clad with silver chains and spikes, as were his solid boots.(5) The tail is short and tipped with black; ears have long black tufts and cheeks have long pale ruffs which form a pointed beard at the throat.(6) He had white skin, a trimmed beard , small black eyes and short-cropped hair around a bald spot.(7) He had short black hair with a black beard and what has been described as ÔÇÿsoresÔÇÖ on his face.(8) The two six-year-old boys described the man who approached them as white, aged about 40, with some beard growth on his chin.(9) He washed his face and shaved his nightly growth of a beard .(10) The man was a giant, with a large flowing mane of jet black hair and a beard to match.(11) Vida away, Elsie and Aileen teaching, so I was left to beard the dragon.(12) The other was 5ft 9in with short black hair and a beard .(13) he had a black beard(14) Instead, I've tried to ignore it, but whether I shave off my goatee, grow a beard or cut my hair, the resemblance won't go away.(15) The giveaways are the white beard , ruddy cheeks and pet cat draped round his neck like a fur stole.(16) Many of the larger hatcheries claim to sell araucanas, but instead are selling americanas, which have a tail and a beard instead of tufts, or Easter Egg chickens, which can look like anything as they are only part araucana.
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Different Forms
beard, bearded, bearding, beardless, beards
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