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Beak :
- 嘴くちばしのありますくちばし

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Noun(1) beaklike mouth of animals other than birds (e.g., turtles(2) horny projecting mouth of a bird(3) a beaklike, tapering tip on certain plant structures(4) informal terms for the nose
Verb(1) hit lightly with a picking motion

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(1) It is hard to know whether towing a diver a short distance does any harm to a suitably sized turtle, but I heard from one of my very warmwater Leaks some years ago of a diver losing a finger to the beak of a big, quick-headed turtle.(2) If there are areas that this Government needs to stick its nosy beak into, maybe it should focus on those areas, because many of those people are its own core members.(3) She was also lucky she didn't have daddy's beak nose that Mauve had.(4) You can eat everything on a squid but the beak , shell, and eyes.(5) Just above the squid's eyes is a hard ball, called the beak , which creates a slight bulge.(6) A jutting beak of a nose, sharp chin and deep-set eyes gave him the appearance of a living skull.(7) Wolfen felt the man would stick out in a crowd like a sore thumb, with his long beak of a nose.(8) His nose is still the defiant beak it was when I first met him, when we were both thirteen and bullied at a new and ghastly school.(9) They are characterized by a short snout and the loss of almost all their teeth, which were replaced by a turtle-like beak used for cropping vegetation.(10) Do the inhabitants of North Korean gulags take comfort that the hegemonic monster of US imperialism is unable to stick its beak into the criminal justice system they were sentenced under.(11) Using its beak , the bird reached for a bud and gave it a quick twist, which released the four petals.(12) Fielding is something beautiful too: crow's beak for a nose, rock star hair, but that of a girl rock star; he could be the great, lost fifth member of The Runaways.(13) When a tui or a bellbird pops open a bud, all four petals spring back, and as the bird inserts its beak into the corolla to drink nectar, its head often brushes pollen onto the receptive stigma.(14) The corvus crashed downward, its beak driving into the other ship's deck, whereupon Roman infantry dashed across.(15) Samshuddin says he watches out for the shape of a bird's tail, beak , nostrils and eyes, all of which have a bearing on singing quality.(16) Cyril has stuck his beak in controversy throughout his career.
1. bill ::
2. nib ::
3. mandible ::
4. pick ::
5. peck ::
Different Forms
beak, beaked, beaks
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