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Abstruse :
- 難解深遠にabstruseness

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Adjective(1) difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge

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(1) He was a singularly modest man with a passion for accuracy and a gift for the lucid exposition of difficult and abstruse problems.(2) Its abstruse style may be hard going for those who are not so prepared.(3) Josh's mind boggled in the futile effort to penetrate the abstruse complexity of an esoteric form of thinking that was altogether foreign to him.(4) Still, this is a Frank Black album, with its obscure references and abstruse lyrics.(5) You will not find ÔÇÿsocietyÔÇÖ reflected in the ethical committees that labour so long and hard over abstruse points and moral issues.(6) Is the reader of this text assumed to be put off by difficult, abstruse , theory-driven contemporary art and hungry for work that claims to be more directly understood?(7) The books range from abstruse scholarship to collections of jokes to model questions for the West Bengal Civil Service entry exam.(8) And he covers what could be fairly abstruse philosophical questions in a remarkably clear and simple way.(9) The popularity of the scripture in east Asia is no doubt due to its doctrinal simplicity; it makes only the two primary points listed above, and eschews discussions of abstruse philosophical matters.(10) He missed lectures, dropped out of courses, spent long nights reading abstruse texts, and slept during the day.(11) For you, is it a way of making philosophy, which actually often seems quite abstruse , into something more personal and practical?(12) Reform of British institutions, like national health and education, are simply too abstruse for most Americans to understand.(13) The language is abstruse and esoteric, almost incomprehensible, the ÔÇÿdiscourseÔÇÖ inaccessible except to the initiates.(14) These analyses have varied from abstruse academic works at one end to crude ÔÇÿhow to get rich quick by writing a novelÔÇÖ manuals at the other.(15) Newman's passion for abstruse matters of theology strikes Wilson as escapism or worse.(16) We are talking about design and visual culture here, after all, not abstruse aspects of philosophy.
1. obscure ::
2. arcane ::
3. esoteric ::
4. little known ::
6. rarefied ::
7. recondite ::
8. difficult ::
9. hard ::
10. puzzling ::
12. cryptic ::
13. enigmatic ::
14. Delphic ::
15. complex ::
16. complicated ::
17. involved ::
19. incomprehensible ::
20. unfathomable ::
21. impenetrable ::
22. mysterious ::
1. shallow ::
2. superficial ::
Different Forms
abstruse, abstrusely, abstruseness
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