English to Japanese Meaning :: abrasion

摩耗, 擦り傷, 擦傷, 擦過傷, すりむけ, 摩滅
Abrasion :
- 摩耗擦り傷

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Noun(1) an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off(2) erosion by friction(3) the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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(1) Geological evidence for precipitation, erosion, mechanical abrasion and other fluvial activity says that the physical processes shaping Titan are much the same as those shaping Earth.(2) Pain may also occur when dentine is exposed by trauma, erosion, or abrasion ; this subsides within seconds of removing the stimulus and may be poorly localised, often only to within two or three teeth of the affected tooth.(3) If the abrasive medium remains intact, the process is described as low stress abrasion .(4) Roundness is increased by abrasion and chemical weathering processes, which blunt particle edges, and decreased by fracturing, which creates new, unworn edges.(5) This suggests derivation from a sedimentary precursor in which zircons would reflect recycling and abrasion during sedimentary processes.(6) They are resistant to abrasion and grease, and have good hardness.(7) Thermoplastic tips have generally shown good resistance to abrasion and corrosion, but may vary in wear life depending on the specific material used to mold the tips.(8) the metal is resistant to abrasion(9) High disarticulation, fragmentation, and abrasion indicate high environmental energy and turbulence and significant lateral transport.(10) Seliger's labor-intensive techniques of accretion and abrasion often mimic geologic processes.(11) This special elastomer is available in various properties of hardness and toughness and is resistant to abrasion .(12) When made into a fiber they demonstrate low moisture absorption and good resistance to abrasion .(13) Some individuals may even develop welts just from local exposure to cold or mechanical abrasion .(14) Mangrove forests function to protect coasts from storms, erosion and abrasion , as well as providing habitat for various animals especially fish and bird species.(15) The intraarticular implant fragments may lead to gradual chondral injury secondary to abrasion of the articular surfaces.(16) The signs at the left, top, and right can still be read, but the row along the bottom of the panel is irretrievable due to severe abrasion and loss.
Related Words
(1) abrasion ::
1. graze ::
2. erosion ::
3. scratch ::
5. attrition ::
Different Forms
abrasion, abrasions
English to Japanese Dictionary: abrasion

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